Backup as a Service (BaaS)
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Backup as a Service (BaaS)

The New Solutions team fully looks after your backups, making sure they run and making any necessary changes or fixes.

Your backups will be stored at our secured servers located at a New Zealand datacenter.

    • Fully managed
      With our Backup as a Service solution, we no longer require any user intervention, no more changing tapes or drives, we provide an end to end solution for your data protection.
      Backup results are pro-actively checked at least once a day.
    • Data Redundancy
      We make sure your data is safe and that several copies of it exists across at least 2 sites.
    • Disaster Recovery Plan
      If your business premises go up in flames, we’ll get your business up and running again, fast.This is our main focus on every backup solution we put together.
    • Data integrity and consistency
      Every backup run includes a data integrity check, we will also perform regular restores to ensure your data is recoverable.
    • Any capacity
      No matter the size of your data, several GB or several TB, we have cost effective solutions for your business.
    • Cross platform
      We can backup an entire Virtualized Environment, Network Attached Storage (NAS), Macs or PCs.
    • Encrypted transport
      Your backups will travel over the internet, we use encryption at each end to ensure nobody can read your data in transit.
    • Data restores
      Your business won’t incur any additional charges if your data needs restoring, this is always included in our service.